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A Plea to Google: Bring Advanced Analysis to Us All

Izell Marketing Group

Google Analytics might be the most under-utilized digital marketing tool. I’m not simply talking about it being used to track...

College marketing vs Digital Marketing: What’s the difference?

Izell Marketing Group

Choosing an undergraduate major to devote your time and energy to can be intimidating. Typically, you will approach college with...

Top 5 Things I’ve Learned from my First Year in Digital Marketing

Izell Marketing Group

Unless you have previously worked or currently work in the field of digital marketing, you may not necessarily understand what...

When should an agency take over my paid advertising?

Izell Marketing Group

Paid advertising already requires that you pay money directly to advertising platforms, so the idea of spending additional dollars to...

The Little-Known Secret That Will Have You Spelling $UCCE$$ with Dollar Signs

23rd Jan
Izell Marketing Group

What if I told you that wild financial success ($UCCE$$!) was headed your way? Well it is, so I am....

Become a Google Analytics Pro with Google Analytics Academy

Izell Marketing Group

Google Analytics has eluded website owners for years now. Having a bunch of data is valuable. However, it’s not useful...

The Impact of (and Solution to) Rising Digital Advertising Costs

Izell Marketing Group

As the internet becomes more saturated with new online businesses, digital advertising has become very expensive for small businesses trying to...

These 10 “About Us” Pages are Some of the Worst We’ve Seen

Izell Marketing Group

Congratulations on your splashy landing page: your snazzy banner, your artsy directives, your mood shots of beautiful happy strangers, but...

Q&A: How do I promote my business without being obnoxious about it?

Izell Marketing Group

Q: I’ve been struggling with balancing the need to promote my podcast with not wanting to be obnoxious about it. I...

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