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How can a business stay competitive online with a small budget? It's all about the marketing strategy.

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How can a business stay competitive online with a small budget? 

The internet may be telling you that you have to spend a ton of money on digital marketing to be competitive in your space, but we know that doesn’t have to be the case. We’ve worked with a variety of small businesses over the years, and most of them have been able to see great results with a “below the recommended” ad spend. How is that possible, you ask? It’s all about the marketing strategy!

Below are a few examples with a range of budgets.


2024 First Quarter (3 Month) Stats:

Coffee Shop

Goals: In-store visits and phone calls
Budget: $600-$800/month
Platforms: Google Ads
Strategy: We recommended running campaigns that would best drive conversions for their two primary goals: phone calls and in-store visits. We created a very targeted PMAX campaign that optimized for the “Get Directions” clicks and phone calls conversion goals. The machine learning aspect of PMAX helped optimize for those conversion types and allowed us to set a target CPA.

Wins from Ads:

Insurance Company

Goals: Phone calls and website form submissions
Budget: $1,500/month
Strategy: This client had never done advertising before and wasn’t sure how to get started. Since they offer a wide variety of options, we structured their campaigns based on each specific goal and the intention of the potential lead. It was important to have very targeted campaigns in order to make sure we were driving quality leads.
Wins from Ads: 

Ecommerce (Furniture)

Goals: Online sales
Budget: $3,000/month
Platforms: Google Ads
Strategy: The ecommerce furniture space is very saturated, so we focused on very specific/niche search terms and custom audiences in PMAX campaigns. The goal was to try and capture the buyers that were further down the pipeline. Since they already knew what they wanted, they were more likely to be interested in the products. Instead of broad terms like “coffee table,” we opted for terms with more description such as, “white round coffee table.”
Wins from Ads: 

Analyzing results with real data is our bread and butter! Once you have proof of concept (as long as it makes sense for your business), we’re big proponents of spending less and expanding out. Our custom dashboards give us real-time data to help us review internally and with our clients on a regular basis.

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