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2024 Marketing Strategies
Keep an eye on industry trends, consumer behavior, and competitor strategies to adapt and stay ahead of the competition this year.

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The buzzword of the year last year is unfolding into the predicted trend of digital marketing in 2024: artificial intelligence.

What does this mean? Primarily, it means we are getting smarter at using tools to accomplish as many nuanced marketing tactics as possible so that we can keep our focus on strategic planning.

Other major trends have also developed that have this year shaping up to be fairly unique in the marketing space.

What does AI in Marketing Look Like?

You’ve likely already been using AI in marketing if you’ve ever run an ad on social media or Google. Those platforms rely on AI algorithms to serve your most effective ad copy to maximize results. So congrats! You may not be far behind the curve.

With that said, new methods of using AI in marketing have emerged in recent years, especially as home assistance technology has developed.

Voice Assistants & SEO

Voice assistants have become more important to online business as tools like Alexa and Google Home have become mainstays in homes and workplaces. This is in addition to how far Siri has advanced since launching over a decade ago. Looking up information online and getting quick answers to questions comprise over 50% of use cases for voice assistants.

Top Reasons for Using Voice Assistants in the US

How do you optimize for voice assistants? You do so by continually creating, updating, and optimizing your web copy. Many voice prompts are questions, so it’s time to do some long-tail keyword research and answer as many relevant industry questions as you can in the right context on your website.

This is the next frontier for SEO – users are no longer limited to a Google search prompt. This means that doubling down on a strong content strategy will have even greater impact than ever before.

Use ChatGPT Effectively

As you research and develop copy, take advantage of emerging content technology like ChatGPT to help you outline and organize your content. Do not simply copy, paste, and publish from ChatGPT. Maintain a strong brand voice, and contextualize your content as much as possible to your unique audiences. ChatGPT is like the base layer of a painting; it’s your job to refine the details and complete the piece.

Rethink ROI

ROI has always been challenging to measure in marketing, and this was especially the case in the pre-digital era. Even as digital marketing continues to take over, companies still struggle with contextualizing return.

If the entire focus of your marketing strategy is to get the highest possible ROI on all marketing campaigns, you might find you can’t expand much before you encounter a cliff. This is because attribution in marketing is far more complex than tools can measure.

However, this doesn’t mean we can’t define KPIs important to distinct campaigns. It simply means that you can’t ever expect an awareness campaign to yield the immediate results you get with a well-optimized Google search campaign. In order to maximize your marketing efforts, you must consider the full marketing funnel and how to best allocate your budget and resources along the entire funnel.

Micro Influencer Marketing

Influencers continue to be major voices in market trends, which means there are more and more opportunities for even small businesses to leverage these platforms. Micro influencers have between 10,000-100,000 followers and can offer more affordable packages. Make sure you are keeping abreast of where your industry influencers are the most active and get the most engagement. It’s worth reaching out and at least establishing a connection with some of these influencers to figure out the pricing landscape, then considering how these opportunities might plug into your marketing strategy.

Omni-Channel Testing

Have you considered podcast ads? Advertising on newer social platforms like TikTok? Expanding from Google to Microsoft Ads?

It can be easy to become complacent in using the same marketing channels you’ve used in the past that seem tried and true, but that’s the quickest way to become left behind! Make sure you have a budget for testing new marketing strategies on new platforms.

Stay Informed

Keep an eye on industry trends, consumer behavior, and competitor strategies to adapt and stay ahead of the competition this year. Create time each month to spend at least an hour researching what’s happening online and brainstorming where you can go next. This is a best practice anyway, but it’s becoming an imperative step with how quickly AI is developing. You don’t want to fall behind in 2024, and with these tips, you should even be able to stay ahead of the curve. Wishing you the best this year!

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