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A Complete Guide to Effective Facebook Advertising


Are Facebook ads even worth the money? Are they going to help your business grow? …Maybe. Planning a Facebook advertising strategy that is actually profitable and/or beneficial to your business goals is actually a lot more involved than it seems on the surface. Let’s review some strategies and lay out expectations based on our most […]

How to Create Genuine Connections with Your Audience on Reddit

How to Create Genuine Connections with Your Audience on Reddit


If you know anything about Reddit, you know that it is NOT a place to advertise your business. Believe me, subreddit admins will make you knock it off if you show up on forums just to plug your business. You may not be able to use the typical “Sign up today!” or “Buy now!” rhetoric that […]

Your New Benchmark Metric: Profitable Conversion Rate


I have been creating a calculated metric in Google Analytics accounts lately, called “Profitable Conversion Rate.” It is very straightforward. For an ad account, such as Google AdWords, you will see a goal conversion rate or e-commerce conversion rate metric in your Google Analytics data. Most companies, especially small businesses, don’t actually know what conversion […]

How Net Margins Impact a Profitable Conversion Rate


As one of three primary metrics that determine what your profitable conversion rate is, this is the one that involves the least hassle. The dynamic is pretty straightforward: the more your margins shrink, the higher your conversion rate needs to be in order to profit on advertising spend. For some businesses, margins are inflexible and […]

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DIY Conversion Optimization Audit


Each page on your website should have a purpose. We’ve put together a quick guide to walk you through each consideration for a purposeful webpage with everything it needs to help your website convert. There are big, huge chapter book guides out there for conversion optimization. For the sake of running your own simple audit, […]

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The Cure to Bad Marketing is Self-Awareness


I’ve got a new guilty pleasure: reading the comments on Facebook ads. People will absolutely tear your company apart on a Facebook ad if you are too sales focused or disingenuous. I actually really love this about Facebook ads because it forces a company to look at the formulas they’ve been using. You can’t hide […]

Do You Have to Write “Listicles” to Get Clicks?


What is a listicle? A listicle is simply an article written in the form of a numbered list. 10 Ways to Increase Sales Instantly 4 Tools to Automate Your Social Media Following 5 Ridiculously Cute Unicorns That are Really Real Seem familiar now? The Psychology of Listicles The psychology of a listicle makes a lot of sense. When […]

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Ashton Kutcher Hints at Twitter Ads Ruining Intimacy


Ashton Kutcher was the first member of Twitter to reach 1 million followers back in 2009. For a guy holding such a big title in the Twitter world, you’d think he would still be singing (tweeting?) Twitter’s praises today. However, he recently spoke on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talk show about hitting 1 million followers and how his […]

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How to Succeed on Google Shopping in Competitive Markets


Google Shopping is the best campaign type to achieve profit as an e-commerce business on AdWords, and yet it’s the most difficult to manage and optimize. This is especially true in commoditized markets. Arguably, the biggest hurdle to succeeding on Google Shopping is when all of your products are completely commoditized, meaning other retailers are selling […]

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The Clever Business Owner’s Guide to Google Ads


Updated July 5, 2020 Table of Contents The History of Google Ads Step 1: Establish Your Goals and Benchmarks Step 2: Strategize Campaigns That Will Achieve Your Goals Step 3: Learn How to Measure Successes and Failures Conclusion Additional Resources I worked several years as a certified Google Ads account manager before I launched my […]