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Ashton Kutcher Hints at Twitter Ads Ruining Intimacy


Ashton Kutcher was the first member of Twitter to reach 1 million followers back in 2009. For a guy holding such a big title in the Twitter world, you’d think he would still be singing (tweeting?) Twitter’s praises today. However, he recently spoke on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talk show about hitting 1 million followers and how his […]

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How to Succeed on Google Shopping in Competitive Markets


Google Shopping is the best campaign type to achieve profit as an e-commerce business on AdWords, and yet it’s the most difficult to manage and optimize. This is especially true in commoditized markets. Arguably, the biggest hurdle to succeeding on Google Shopping is when all of your products are completely commoditized, meaning other retailers are selling […]

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The Clever Business Owner’s Guide to Google Ads


Updated July 5, 2020 Table of Contents The History of Google Ads Step 1: Establish Your Goals and Benchmarks Step 2: Strategize Campaigns That Will Achieve Your Goals Step 3: Learn How to Measure Successes and Failures Conclusion Additional Resources I worked several years as a certified Google Ads account manager before I launched my […]

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How to Build Your Business Website (and Save a Lot of Money Doing It)


The biggest obstacle to launching your business online is, well, getting it online. Oftentimes it is preferable to have your own online storefront, as it allows you the greatest control over carving your brand and deciding your competitive edge. These days, if your business follows some pretty well established business models (e-commerce, brochure, portfolio, etc.), […]

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How I Collected 80 Emails for $170 (Before My Business Launched)


My wife and I launched a new online business recently, selling cat products. Our goal with this business is to educate cat owners about the needs of their cats and share profits from our sales with animal shelters in the process so that they can provide better care for shelter animals. I built the site […]


Do You Have to Pay for Traffic? Not Necessarily.


“If you build it, they will come,” is a Field of Lies when it comes to the internet. Though to be fair, if you had Kevin Costner promoting your website, it might be a different story. Nothing is more depressing than laboring over (read: spending a bunch of money on) a new website for your […]