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Is PPC Advertising Dying?


I’ve been hearing murmurs for a while… Is PPC dying? Is the PPC advertising industry going to die off with the rise of AI in marketing? My take is no, probably not. At least, not in a very predictable sense. I think the uncertainty and fear of this notion stems from a misunderstanding of AI, […]

How To Isolate Conversion Issues Immediately With Visualizations


Have you ever wondered how many people begin to sign up or purchase something from your website, but then don’t complete the steps? If your Google Analytics goal requires two or more steps, each with a unique URL (such as a thank you page preceded by a form page, or a multi-page checkout process), you […]

Why We Created Our Own Conversion Rate Optimization Process


 When I first got interested in conversion rate optimization in 2011, there were some established companies in the CRO space that would conduct live audits on the spot with website business owners. The audits would essential entail the CRO auditor pulling up the business owner’s website and then tearing everything about it apart based […]

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Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: What’s the Difference?


Here are the basic facts: Google is the largest search engine. Facebook is the largest social network. Like it or not, these are the two primary options for making your brand visible online and attracting new customers/clients to your business. The differences between them don’t necessarily make one better than the other. Ultimately, it’s important […]

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Is Your Conversion Rate Better Than You Think?


If you’re using Google Analytics to track user behavior on your website, you’re probably familiar with your site’s conversion rate. But is the default formula (# of conversions/# of sessions) right for you and your specific site or business goals? Take a look at the goals you’ve defined, and ask yourself, “Would a visitor to […]


Do You Know Where Your Data Is? An Intro to Dashboards


Just about everyone has heard that you need to be “data-driven” to be successful, but what does that actually mean and how do you get started using data to support your business decisions? The first thing you need to do is to identify the sources of data that already exist in your organization. This could […]


Why Many Digital Marketing Agencies Fail Clients


Unpleasant Experiences I hesitate to speak negatively of other businesses, but I feel like this is an important issue to bring up for discussion. We commonly have companies come to us for help after they have had one or more unpleasant experiences with other digital advertising and marketing agencies. A few reasons they cite for […]

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Create a Custom Dashboard in Google Data Studio with Data from Quickbooks Online


Google’s dashboard, Google Data Studio, is a far more powerful business dashboard tool than I think most people realize. I would argue it’s a contender for business intelligence dashboards next to some of the enterprise systems like Tableau and DOMO. The main limitation with Google Data Studio is that you don’t have dozens of integrations […]

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Izell Marketing Group Expands to Provide Outbound Marketing Services


Izell Marketing Group has been working with B2B businesses offering inbound digital marketing services for over three years. Services are now expanding beyond that and include curated sales prospecting for building outbound lead lists. Inbound digital marketing usually involves lead generation methods that opt-in users on advertising platforms. CuratedLeads is a service that sorts through prospective leads […]

A Plea to Google: Bring Advanced Analysis to Us All


Google Analytics might be the most under-utilized digital marketing tool. I’m not simply talking about it being used to track data. Lots of companies have UA code on their websites; I’m talking about analyzing the data. And really, this is no surprise. If you open a regular view of Google Analytics, all you see are reports […]