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We Are A Team of Brilliant Women Who Love Our Work

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We are a Dream Partner for Businesses

Izell Marketing Group was founded in response to a serious need for more flexible, affordable, and effective online marketing methods for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses.

Every business has to be extremely diligent with its budget and find the most effective ways to grow. That’s where we come in.

Izell Marketing Group’s founder, Kate Izell, has over ten years of experience with digital strategy, analytics-driven marketing, and conversion optimization. She developed a deep interest in and passion for working with businesses to employ only the methods that make the most sense for each of them to succeed.

Our agency now works with companies of all shapes and sizes — the common link among our clients is that they have big challenges that require diligent and knowledgeable problem-solvers to help them achieve their goals.

About Our Approach

Purifying Digital Marketing

Marketing has traditionally been about growing for the sake of growing. Get more people on my site and get more money in my bank account. These are honorable goals in some respects, however, they are also the cause for disruptive and unwelcome marketing. In your search for more, you can eventually morph into a brand that becomes a disruption to a generic audience rather than a specialized and well-crafted brand for a target audience.

Good Marketing is Self-Aware

It’s time to reform our thinking from:

I want MORE customers and MORE money


I want to reach people who WANT what products we sell and services we offer so that I can focus on a mutual exchange through which I get paid when customers get exactly what they want.

Prepare to Learn

If you work with us, expect to do and learn these things:

1. Challenge yourself to fully understand your exact audience.

2. Discover how to make your brand more authentic and less disruptive.

3. Create realistic goals based on your benchmarks, whether that is increasing profit, creating awareness, or something else.

4. Start approaching all marketing with a critical eye.

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