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Local SEO in 4 Steps

The 4 Steps to Local SEO Success

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Keeping Up With Google's Algorithms

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a collection of techniques for improving your company’s visibility and website traffic on search engines like Google.

As Google has developed over the years, SEO now includes improving your company’s visibility on more than just Google Search. Local SEO focuses on Google Maps and Google Reviews.

Google ultimately wants to show accurate and useful results as quickly and efficiently as possible every time someone uses Google. Our goals focus on building trust in your brand and identifying gaps in content that will help you get more business online.

Getting started

How to do SEO

Google My Business

Make sure Google knows all of the relevant and accurate information you can provide about your business.

Customer Reviews

Set up a process for soliciting and engaging with customer reviews on Google.

Fresh Content

Keep the content on your website and on Google as unique and current as possible.

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