Social Media Marketing
Unless you have previously worked or currently work in the field of digital marketing, you may not necessarily understand what it is. The complex world of online advertising takes time to learn, let alone master, and it is ever-evolving across many different platforms. In my first year, I learned a few key things. 1. Digital...
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Q: I’ve been struggling with balancing the need to promote my podcast with not wanting to be obnoxious about it. I have always steered clear of social advertising because most social media kinda hurts my brain (I’m not good at keeping up with posting and commenting). What can I do? A: First, the self-awareness to ask this...
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Are Facebook ads even worth the money? Are they going to help your business grow? …Maybe. Planning a Facebook advertising strategy that is actually profitable and/or beneficial to your business goals is actually a lot more involved than it seems on the surface. Let’s review some strategies and lay out expectations based on our most...
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Ashton Kutcher Quote
Ashton Kutcher was the first member of Twitter to reach 1 million followers back in 2009. For a guy holding such a big title in the Twitter world, you’d think he would still be singing (tweeting?) Twitter’s praises today. However, he recently spoke on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talk show about hitting 1 million followers and how his...
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