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Izell Marketing Group

Izell Marketing Group is eager to meet the growing need for more flexible, affordable, and authentic online marketing for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses.

The world of digital marketing has become bloated with clichés; all of the traditional selling points are white noise. Keep your brand real, accessible, helpful, and wanted. We’ll guide you on that path.

How We Are Different

Unlike other agencies, we don’t require long-term contracts, and we adjust our strategies and tactics regularly. This means that when we find a marketing channel that works, we continually optimize it. If a marketing channel does not work for your business, we re-strategize and try new channels at zero additional cost to you.

No setup fees.

No feeling stuck in a contract.

We retain our clients by continually proving our value.


Paid Advertising

We run pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns specifically for your audience. You are not going to pay for fluff marketing. We aim to hit a profitable ROI and keep costs minimal.

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Conversion Optimization

We’ve run hundreds of tests on websites to increase conversion rates. There are many totally fruitless methods for testing. We have sniffed those out and stick to the scientific method and our mathematical training,

Business Intelligence & Analytics

A vital part of running a business is figuring out how to capture all key performance indictors and grab data insights that foster growth. We provide you professional data analysts and data scientists to do just that.

New Websites

Don’t waste a bunch of money on your new site. It can be done well on a budget. We can help you get started with a template website on Shopify, Wordpress, or Squarespace.

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Online Business Consultation

Are you just beginning to dream of your online business? Let our experts teach you everything you need to know to get started online.

Content Writing

Use our team of experienced and award-winning content writers to create authentic and SEO-friendly content for your website.


  • Until recently, we made advertising, website and marketing decisions based greatly on gut and best judgment. Thanks to Kate and the analytics and insights that she has brought to the company, we’re able to view quantitative results—often real-time. Our decisions are better informed, and our actions are yielding higher returns on investments. If we’ve made a poor decision, we know it faster and can make changes. Everything she recommends and does ties into specific goals and KPIs. In short, she is helping my company become more efficient, better informed, and better run. Equally important, she is fun and engaging to work with and feels as much a part of our team as our employees.

    And she wears cool sweaters.

    Jim JohnsonPresident,
  • Working with Izell Marketing Group has been a fantastic experience. Not only did I find their services to be efficient and transparent but they also educated me on factors that may allow my business to succeed. I would recommend them to anyone in need of digital marketing support and web development services.
    Andrew BrownOwner, CuratedLeads
  • Kate's background in Math constantly shines through; she can breakdown complicated marketing and analytical data into well defined goals and benchmarks. Whenever we work together on a project, she is always two steps ahead of me, planning out the next phases of the project and keeping me and her client constantly abreast of the evolving concerns and needs from both sides. I would recommend Kate to anyone looking for help marketing, designing, building, or improving their online business and assets. She is able to pull together many resources to get a job done, and always brings out the best effort in everyone she works with.
    Bobby BurdenSoftware Developer
  • As a digital marketer who is fairly new to Adwords, I have always struggled to grasp various concepts about the platform. I’ve tried to teach myself by using various online resources, but have found it difficult to learn on my own. Working one on one with Kate has been far more beneficial for me. She has taught me many valuable concepts and strategies, from keyword research, setting up campaigns, ad groups, and ad creation. Her extensive experience in building campaigns and optimization is highly valuable to me.
    Gena ManganoAssociate Director, Marketing, Relish
  • Izell Marketing Group took over managing our PPC efforts and helped reduce wasted ad spend that we didn't have the time to manage. They've made the effort to understand how uniquely different our business model is, and they've paired that understanding with analytical insights that have helped us uncover new ways to appeal to our market in a seasonal industry. We've learned so much about opportunities online through the guidance of Izell Marketing Group.
    Barry AnthonyOwner, Coastline Condos

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