Website Redesign

Revamping Your Website

Website Redesign Strategy

Let's Assess What Works

Start with research and Analytics deep dive

The ultimate purpose of redesigning your business website is to improve upon the performance of your current site. That means we need to establish benchmark performance from the old site, analyze what works and what doesn’t work, and get a thorough understanding of your audience. With this foundation, we can start planning the design refresh!

Develop a Plan

The process for planning your redesign includes:

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Website Case Study

With fresh digital market research, Izell Marketing Group was able to approach website conversion optimization, content development, and paid advertising campaigns with a goal of meeting the audiences online with not just a superior product but a superior website experience. Virtually every KPI increased a minimum of 100% several weeks after the new website was launched.

Website Redesign Pricing

How Does This Work?

A website redesign will be priced according to complexity (e.g. development costs), size, and type of design process. We will discuss these options with you to see which one is going to earn you the best long-term ROI you need.

Recommendations for Preparing for your site

Things you can do to prepare

Milestones in a Website Redesign

Redesign Options by CMS Platform

Finding the Right Platform

A website redesign can be completed on the CMS you currently use, or you can be migrated to a new CMS. This decision should be made based on the analytics and market research findings. We also take into account how you plan to manage the site in the future (i.e. will you be making website changes in-house or will you outsource that to us or another party?).

Note: A migration will involve important steps for retaining your SEO value. This process will be planned carefully if we go this route.

Shopify Partner


Shopify is an eCommerce website solution that is often best for custom design, larger SKU sets, and larger inventories. Shopify also works for smaller scale solutions, too, so it's worth exploring for any online retailer.

Squarespace Logo


SquareSpace works well for small eCommerce solutions as well as small service brochure websites. With beautiful designs pre-built, it's easy to plug-and-play with the builder.

WordPress Logo


WordPress tends to be the go-to solution for websites that have a blog or news section. While it's not our number one recommendation for eCommerce solutions, if you sell just a handful of either tangible or digital products, you can add on Woocommerce.


Like SquareSpace, Wix works well for small eCommerce solutions and small service websites. What makes Wix different is that it has a more robust app store, which makes it easier to add features to your website that are harder to add on to SquareSpace.

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