The Importance of Fresh Content for SEO

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With regular keyword research, updating your website copy, and continually producing new content, your content strategy will be SEO-friendly.

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If you’re looking for a doctor, you probably don’t consult the Yellow Pages from 1997. Likewise, users who search for resources and services online are looking for the newest options.

Research the Topic Online

While creating fresh content, it’s also important to make sure the content you have is unique. Research how other publications write about the topic at hand, then think of ways you can contribute something new to the conversation. 

There are tools that can make this a little bit easier for you. 

Keyword Research for Long Tail Terms

Long tail keywords aren’t as easy to research with Google’s Keyword Tool. By nature, long tail searches are more unique and aren’t searched the same way by many others. Since the Keyword Tool is intended to show search volume historically and forecasted, it’s going to be missing a lot of the more specific ways that users search.

In order to find the more unique tools, we recommend our strategy of combining research on Google’s Keyword Tool with the Keywords Everywhere chrome extension. We’ve written a whole post on that exact strategy.

Review and Refresh Old Pages and Posts

Eventually, all content will  become old news; this is particularly true in the tech world! Writing about a topic in 2019, then reading about it in 2022 doesn’t guarantee you’ll be reading the most accurate and recent information on that topic.

This means that reviewing and refreshing your website copy should happen on a regular basis. Depending on the nature of your industry and the number of pages on your site, you could divide up portions of the site that you plan to review annually, bi-annually, or whenever schedule makes sense for each context.

SEOQuake has a comprehensive tutorial on updating the date for fresh articles. In short, make it clear that your content has been modified or updated and, when appropriate, explain why. This information can go ahead of the article content. Users will appreciate the context and trust that they can rely on your information.

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