Google Maps Marketing: How It Works

Google search for ppc marketing agency that shows google map results
SEO for Google Maps is becoming more and more important for all businesses but especially local businesses.

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“How do I get on the map?”
This is increasingly becoming one of the most common questions I answer for local business owners these days. Fortunately, there is a pretty straightforward answer for how to show up on the map. The more complicated part is Google Maps advertising, which allows you to promote your location to the top of the map listings for relevant searches on Google.

How to Show Up on Google Maps

Your access to Google Maps is managed through Google My Business. You need to start by going here and typing in your business name to claim your business. This will take you to an editing page where you can update all necessary information about your business and its location(s). If you have more than one location, you will need to claim those locations separately. If your business does not already exist on Google, you can click the option to add your business to Google.

How to Advertise on Google Maps

Google shows results in the map depending on the location of the user or the intent of their search. Searches like “pizza near me” would show a map with all the pizza locations within the closest vicinity to either the address stored in Google account settings or in mobile location tracking (the search will ask for permission to access your location).

If you want to make sure you show up for any potential search in a given geographic area, you can run ads on Google that will appear on Google Maps. Currently, you can accomplish this with local search ads in Google Ads. Google can walk you through how to set this up once you create a Google Ads account for your business.

Now you should be all set with Google Maps. If you run into any issues or need help with your local search campaigns, feel free to reach out to our team.

Google local search ad showing on Google Maps

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