The Value of Daily Ad Account Management

Blog The Value Of Daily Ad Account Management
Can you set it and forget it when your digital ads are performing well? Let's explore what indefinite optimization looks like.

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Digital Ad Campaigns: Can You Set It and Forget It?

So, your ad campaigns are doing well – what’s next?

Once you have fine tuned your campaign and it is operating optimally, it can be easy to sit back and let it rack in conversions. Is it really doing well though? You can go the extra mile to be sure! For example, with lead generation, verify the quality of your leads and calls. For ecommerce, see if you can get the AOV higher, and check to see that you’re not mostly converting low-value or low-margin products. It’s important to confirm that you’re not taking your conversions for granted so you don’t miss an opportunity to achieve your goals!

It is important to be in your ad campaign(s) everyday looking through what is working. You can easily hit a wall on strategy for improvement when things are performing so well already. How do you optimize when a campaign is legitimately performing well? 

Let’s review the most impactful aspects of your campaigns that you can improve indefinitely!


Analyze Search Term Reports

The search terms report provides insight into the searches that your ads are showing up for and how each search is performing. This report can help you discover new keywords, ad copy, and even creative ways to cater your landing page to what users are actually searching for.

What are people searching for?

  • Be consistent with going through the search term report.
  • Is there anything in there you can add to the keyword list? The negative keyword list? Or as a headline in the ad?
  • Are there keywords that are spending and not converting?
  • How can you expand the negative keyword list to narrow an audience?


Assess Bid Modifiers

Bid modifiers allow you to cater your budget to where, when, and how someone is searching for your ads. Increasing or decreasing a bid on a device, location, or time of day allows you to ensure your ads are only spending where they need to be.

Are there opportunities to lower or raise bids?

  • What devices are people using? Are we spending too much on one that is not converting?
  • Where and what time are people viewing our ads and how can we optimize?


Are You Using All Ad Extension Types?

And are they performing well?

Give people more reasons to click on your ads, add extensions. Extensions show useful details right below your ad—locations, additional links (about us, services, etc), phone numbers, and more.

What extensions are relevant to your goals?

  • Add call extensions to your ads to increase calls to your business.
  • Add structured snippets to your ads to give a user quick insights into why they should click on your ad. 
  • Is there another type of ad extension that we can utilize to optimize?


Explore Top Performing Images and Copy

Your top performing ads can tell you a lot about what copy you should be using. Keeping your ad copy updated based on what users are searching for and what is performing well will ensure that users are not coming across the same ads and stay engaged with your business. 

Quick Ad Copy Review

  • What ad copy is working the best? 
  • Is there an ad copy variation that has been exhausted?
  • Consistently create new versions of your ads to ensure that we avoid ad fatigue with users


Are Your Landing Pages Relevant Enough?

It is important to split campaigns into ad groups catered to your audiences. Sending a user to a landing page that is the most relevant to what they are searching for pushes them to complete a clear conversion goal. Sometimes, there are multiple CTAs that you want them to complete.

Quick landing page review

  • Does each ad lead to a corresponding/relevant landing page?
  • Is there an option for a better path from ad to website?
  • Can you add language to your landing page based on what users are searching for?
  • Are your CTAs clear?


Bonus Tips

  • Where is there an opportunity for remarketing?
  • Is there a campaign type you are not utilizing that would be beneficial for your goals?

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