Quick Google Analytics Segment Ideas

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One of the best ways to supercharge your web analysis is to apply segments to isolate behaviors of certain types of users. Once you get started with a few of these simple ideas, you’re sure to come up with a few of your own that are specific to your business and customers.

newsegmentGoogle Analytics has some easy segments you can just apply, assuming they are relevant to your industry. You’ll find these under “System” in the segment setup.

Some of our favorites are Converters and Made a Purchase. We like these two because they are user-based, rather than session-based, and many of our clients have websites with goals for collecting leads or making large and expensive purchases. Because these types of goals often result in one conversion per user rather than repeat conversions, we prefer a user-based analysis.

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If your website has different goals that are more session-based, like content views or purchases of less expensive products that may have regularly repeating customers, the relevant segments for this type of analysis would be Sessions With Conversions and Sessions With Transactions

Similarly, we frequently want to analyze based on users who didn’t convert or purchase or sessions without a conversion or purchase. We can use the System segment called Non-Converters, which will show where goal completions per user = 0 and where transactions per user = 0. If you’d like to analyze these separately, you can copy the system segment and modify it to look at either conversions or transactions.

modify system segment

Just click on the minus sign next to whichever portion you want to remove.

You can also modify this to be based on sessions, rather than users, if that makes more sense with your site users’ expected behavior. Just make sure to label each segment in a way that’s obvious!

There are so many opportunities for segmentation. Example: take a look at all the options and build segments that are perfectly tailored to your target audience, like females, aged 45-54, in Texas, that speak English, are in the market for Home Decor, and are using a tablet. That’s only the start, because we can also look at sequential behaviors like users who saw a specific landing page, then added a product to the cart but didn’t purchase. Let your imagination run wild!

When you set up a segment in Google Analytics, you can use it to build an audience that you can export to Google Ads to optimize your remarketing. Pretty cool, right?

Do you need help building segments, optimizing your conversion rate, or setting up Google Analytics in a way that fits your business? You don’t have to struggle through it alone! Partner with us and learn what secrets are hiding in your Analytics data!

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