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marketing to students from lead generation to application

PPC + Email Marketing

Paid advertising on search engines and social media platforms is guaranteed to increase student prospect inquiries. Paired with a compelling email marketing campaign, your digital ads will nurture prospective students all the way to the application stage.

We have several years of experience strategizing, building, optimizing, and reporting on enrollment campaigns for universities of any size and at any degree level.

Education Ad Platforms

Higher Ed Marketing Industry Secrets

Your Own Custom Campaigns

We’ve been in the enrollment marketing game for several years. As a result, we know that some degree programs are highly competitive, while some are new programs in emerging industries, and they are lesser known to the public.

There are campaign strategies for both scenarios. The key to advertising a competitive program is researching keywords, audiences, and campaign types that have lower competition.

For lesser known programs, awareness campaigns can be paired with remarketing to educate the public on an exciting new opportunity.

Essential Campaign Types for Higher Ed

For a successful enrollment marketing strategy, and the following campaigns should be considered:

Anatomy of a Successful Higher Ed Landing Page

The landing page must provide all important information that a prospective student will both want and need to know.

Explore top Advertising Strategies

Generate Prospective Student Inquiries Online

Google Ads

Place ads across all Google: Search, YouTube, Maps, etc.

Meta Ads

Meta (Facebook) Advertising includes placing ads on Instagram.


Get in front of prospects in the locations where you historically attract the most enrolled students.

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