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Omnichannel means using all online marketing platforms.

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Deciding if it makes more financial sense to hire a digital marketing person for your business or team up with a marketing agency can be tough. Both choices have their pros and cons.

Here, we’ll break down the details for both options.

Hiring A Digital Marketing Specialist

Managed In-House​
$ 5,400 - $7,500 Monthly Salary
  • Speciality in one or two modalities with some level of proficiency in other modalities.
  • They know your industry, regulations, and products.
  • You own their time. This may seem like a bonus, but it can often mean they get overburdened with split priorities.
  • Ongoing training and development gets costly, and it can be difficult to anticipate their needed areas of growth.
  • Google Ads has an especially steep learning curve, and it is constantly evolving.
  • The specialist will need you to invest in a suite of tools to be efficient.

Hiring Izell Marketing Group

Month-to-Month Services
$ 4,000 - $7,000 Monthly Fees
  • We specialize in ALL digital marketing modalities, including PPC, SEO, websites, content development, and more.
  • We have experience marketing dozens of industries.
  • We focus our time and resources on what we know will have the biggest impact and ROI.
  • We provide our specialists with ongoing training and require current certifications across multiple platforms.
  • Our whole staff is Google Ads Certified, and we are a Google Partner agency.
  • We invest in enterprise tools and are fluent in how to incorporate them into a comprehensive strategy.
Hire us!

What's the process when you work with us?


We have a discussion to find out if we're a good fit

We aim to work with companies that we can actually help. We only work with companies that will truly benefit from our services. We won’t sell you anything that we don’t believe will accomplish your goals, even if would be in our best interest to maximize our own revenue. We do this because we want lasting partnerships that allow for positive working experiences.


We send you a proposal

We often like to start with market research and/or a full digital audit. These allow us to learn as much as we can about not only your company but about the current state of your entire industry online and where it’s heading. We don’t specialize in only one industry specifically because we refuse to work with competing companies. If we work with you, that means we are not working with any of your competition.


We Onboard You with a Streamlined Process

With all the different platforms that require being set up or granted access, onboarding can be a chore! We work alongside you the whole way to make it as smooth as possible.Your experienced account manager will be transparent and guide you to the point of launching your strategy. You’ll have an easy-to-understand dashboard so that advertising results can be viewed real-time. 


We work together on a 3-month trial

3 months gives both you and us enough time to identify if this can be a successful working relationship long term. Within the first month of working together, we’ll be doing most of the setup and launching process. This will also be when we start gathering initial data. Months 2 and 3 will be when we collect the majority of data that we can then act on either with pivots in our strategy or with building upon successes.

Our Services

We will explore the best service mix to achieve your marketing goals.

Paid Search

Google Ads is the largest ad platform for paid search. This type of advertising is intended for getting users to click on your ads and go to your website.

Paid Social

The largest social advertising platform is Meta Ads, which serves ads on Facebook and Instagram. You can also advertise on TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, X (Twitter), and Snapchat.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a collection of techniques for improving your company’s visibility and website traffic on search engines like Google.

Email Marketing

Email marketing and marketing automation can help share timely information to potential clients or customers along their buying journey.

Data Analytics

Our customized data analytics services will enable you to compare all of your marketing channels in one view, and analyze how each contributes to your bottom line results.


Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an ongoing process of improving your website, landing pages, and apps through advanced tracking & analysis techniques

Website Build

We’ll build a brand new website or redesign your existing site so that it's easy to maintain and makes you distinct in your industry.

Market Research

Whether you’re testing the digital waters for the first time or looking to update your current approach, digital market research will remove the guesswork and ensure you get started with an optimal strategy.

Want to know the best start to long-term successs?

Start with a Full Digital Audit

Our digital audits have historically laid a strong foundation for immediate and long-term marketing success.

Ready to start the conversation?

You can get our full suite of digital marketing services from senior marketing specialists for the cost of ONE employee.

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