Why We Created Our Own Conversion Rate Optimization Process


When I first got interested in conversion rate optimization in 2011, there were some established companies in the CRO space that would conduct live audits on the spot with website business owners.

The audits would essential entail the CRO auditor pulling up the business owner’s website and then tearing everything about it apart based on opinion and “experience.”

“The colors are ugly.”

“This image distracts me.”

“I don’t care about this text.”

While this is a highly entertaining process for cynics and sadists like me, it never really proved to be helpful for the business owner.

Why? Because websites are about user experience, not guru experience.

Ever since then, I’ve constantly been reimagining how to conduct a CRO audit that fully leverages user data insights. I also use industry norms and known psychological theories behind user experience and online shopping. The idea is to maximize the tools at our disposal.

We now have our very own CRO audit that we have tested and perfected with multiple clients. After seeing so much success with it, we decided to explain the whole process on our site.

A few things of note that make our process different:

  1. We only sell the audit to a company if we know they can truly benefit and profit from it.
  2. We have a data specialist who creates custom data points for your more accurately defining KPIs in your audit (I’ve never seen this done before).
  3. We look at the entire site, not just a handful of pages.
  4. We help you decide how to make updates and how to test hypotheses.

Just as with all of our other services, we aim to see you succeed. There’s no satisfaction in a project gone wrong, so we do it right the first time. This process starts with a quick pre-screening call to see if your site is ready for a CRO audit.

About the author

Kate likes numbers and problem solving. Honestly, they get her through the day. She loves her wife, cats, and living in a cozy house outside Chattanooga, Tennessee.