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How Performance Max Transformed Our
ECommerce Marketing Strategy

Performance Max campaigns have become a requirement for successful ecommerce marketing on Google Ads. The furniture industry is very competitive on Google search, so it was important to utilize these new campaign types and methods to promote the product lines without driving up customer acquisition costs.


Industry: Ecommerce - Furniture


The ecommerce furniture space is quite saturated, so we focused on very specific/niche search terms and custom audiences in PMAX campaigns. The goal was to try and capture the buyers that were already further down the sales pipeline. Since they already knew what they wanted, they were more likely to be interested in the products. Instead of broad terms like “coffee table,” we opted for terms with more description such as, “white round coffee table.”

Skills: Google Ads, Performance Max, Small Business, Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

In order to achieve the client’s goals, we separated out the PMAX campaigns by product line. This allowed us to control the budget and audience targeting so we could more easily optimize each campaign for better results.

Overall in the first quarter of 2024, we were able to increase their sales 68% compared to the previous period. We focused on maximizing our dollars in the campaigns that were the most likely to drive purchases at the lowest cost.  

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