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The New Website Process

one step at a time

Start with research

You may have some great ideas for our new website; we love that! It’s important to anchor a new site to two things: your business goals and your online audience. You define your goals, and we handle the online market research to define who will be using your website and what they need/expect from you to have the optimal experience.

Develop a Plan

With the goals and research established, it’s time to develop the design and build plan.

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New Website Case Study

With fresh digital market research, Izell Marketing Group was able to approach website conversion optimization, content development, and paid advertising campaigns with a goal of meeting the audiences online with not just a superior product but a superior website experience. Virtually every KPI increased a minimum of 100% several weeks after the new website was launched.

Time to Build Your Site

How Does This Work?

What’s the process with building a site? We make it clear and straightforward, even for a custom website. There will be set milestones during the process, and we rely heavily on getting timely feedback from you to hit our deadlines.

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Recommendations for Preparing for your site

Things you can do to prepare

Milestones for a new Website

The typical milestones for a new website include:

Best CMS Solutions

The CMS (content management system) is what you use to access and modify your website content, including the design and text. It is critical to build your website on the best CMS platform for your needs. We will discuss at length what to take into account to choose the right one when scoping out your website. It needs to work now and last for several years into the future (at minimum). The most common CMS solutions are listed below. These are all highly recommended due to their security and scalability features.

Shopify Partner


Shopify is an eCommerce website solution that is often best for custom design, larger SKU sets, and larger inventories. Shopify also works for smaller scale solutions, too, so it's worth exploring for any size of retailer.

Squarespace Logo


SquareSpace works well for small eCommerce solutions as well as small service brochure websites. With beautiful designs pre-built, it's easy to plug-and-play with the builder.

WordPress Logo


WordPress tends to be the go-to solution for websites that have a blog or news section. While it's not the number one recommendation for eCommerce solutions, you can add on Woocommerce if you sell just a handful of either tangible or digital products.


Like SquareSpace, Wix works well for small eCommerce solutions and small service websites. What makes Wix different is that it has a more robust app store, which makes it easier to add features to your website that are harder to add on to SquareSpace.

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