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A well planned web analytics setup is key for gathering actionable data to use in business and digital advertising planning.

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Conversion tracking for leads and other website goals

Tracking for key site interactions

Dashboard for trend analysis based on business goals


Izell Marketing Group set up robust event and conversion for a local professional services client’s one page website, providing insights that were not available with a standard Google Analytics installation.


For this local professional services client, Izell Marketing Group provided an in-depth analysis of their existing one page website, and set up detailed event and conversion tracking. Even a one page website allows for many interaction opportunities which are not set up “out of the box” with Google Analytics. Before their custom analytics setup, they had no useful data, since a one page website will always have a 100% bounce rate! By identifying key interactions on the one page website, we were able to create events that negated the bounce rate, leaving a more meaningful estimate of user engagement.

Every Izell Marketing Group web analytics setup comes with a custom dashboard based on specific business goals. This time saving dashboard allows our clients to focus on their business and still get valuable insights without having to learn Google Analytics.

These metrics and website conversion goals are most meaningful when looking at long-term trends based on industry, business, and website changes, so it’s best to set up analytics in the beginning so you get that valuable data from the start. If you haven’t already, the next best time to set this up is right now!

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