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Med spas and salons often have a variety of distinct marketing goals: booking appointments, getting reviews and referrals, and selling products.

There are a variety of digital marketing tactics that have been shown to work well on achieving each distinct goal. Need a new website or a design refresh? We can do that, too!

For peace of mind, we provide a transparent dashboard of easy-to-read charts that the practice manager, marketing manager, or any other employee can use to track success and report to staff and/or stakeholders.

Med Spa and Salon Ad Platforms

Med Spa Case Study

Chattanooga Center for Facial Rejuvenation needed a website refresh and website traffic acquisition strategy.

We ran targeted service campaigns to fill up appointments for specific medical providers, and we launched a new website that has accomplished significant improvements in conversion rate and organic traffic!

A Holistic Approach to Med Spa Digital Marketing

Your Own Custom Campaigns

A successful digital strategy for med spas and salons must include a full-funnel marketing approach. This means there needs to be equal attention given to acquiring new clients, retaining existing clients, and turning all clients into ambassadors for your business.

Google Ads and Meta ads (Facebook and Instagram) have become essential to building your business. The competition can get fierce, so it’s important to have a strategy for soliciting high ratings and reviews on Google and other sites.

Regardless of your goals, a successful strategy can be developed for you!

Essential Campaign Types for Med Spas

There are many reasons to run ads online, and the following are the most common:

Track Your Online Success

Our real-time dashboard will show you what’s happening in your ad accounts at all times!

Explore top Advertising Strategies

Generate Leads and Sales Online

Google Ads

Place ads across all Google: Search, YouTube, Maps, etc.

Meta Ads

Meta (Facebook) Advertising includes placing ads on Instagram.


Get in front of prospects in the communities and locations your med spa serves.

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