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A Competitive Landscape

The eCommerce industry has been highly competitive for over a decade. Many online retailers are seeing most of their success selling through Amazon, but they want to increase their own website sales to improve profit margins. This is a goal we frequently encounter.

As data specialists, we have more confidence in our research, analysis, and advanced tactics than most marketers. Digital advertising is just as much a science as it is an art — you’ll see all results real-time.

E-commerce Ad Platforms

Featured Case Study

New Website + New Marketing Strategy

This online retailer sold a supplement with superior results compared to competitors. They were getting a majority of online sales through Amazon but knew they needed to focus more sales through their website.

We conducted an extensive audit and market research project to craft a new path forward for them online. This resulted in an immediate increase of 542% of quarter-over-quarter website revenue.

Top E-commerce Marketing Strategies

Your Own Custom Campaigns

Digital marketing strategies for online retailers must focus on building brand trust and clearly conveying product differentiators. Consumers today are smarter than ever and are excellent at finding great deals.

Digital campaigns must be hyper-targeted to the right audiences at the right times. Depending on your product catalog, buyers might need more time and/or more information to make that final decision to purchase. Our strategy takes all of this and more into account when creating comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

Essential Campaign Types for e-Commerce

These are the campaign types you’ll expect to need for your online store:

Tracking E-Commerce Success

Our real-time dashboard will show you what’s happening in your ad accounts at all times!

Explore top Advertising Strategies

Generate Leads and Sales Online

Google Ads

Place ads across all Google: Search, YouTube, Maps, etc.

Meta Ads

Meta Advertising includes placing ads on Facebook and Instagram.


Get in front of customers in the locations you sell best or have retail presence.

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