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Marketing automation can help share timely information to potential clients along their purchasing decision path.

Rather than inundating them with long form content, they’ll receive information customized to their interests based on a flow of logic driven by their actions and interactions along the way. By reducing the volume and timing it strategically, this will increase the likelihood that the user will consume the content.

This type of campaign is also called “lead nurturing” because it distills a potentially complex process into achievable milestones for the user up until the point when they are ready to commit.

Regardless of your current technology stack, we can help you achieve your email marketing goals. If you’re not already using specific tools, we can recommend a custom solution for you that uses your website forms, landing pages, emails with dynamic content, and audience segmentation for targeted nurturing.

Email Marketing Platforms

The Process

Strategizing Email Campaigns

Set Goals

Identify the goal of your emails, campaigns, and automations.

What is the final objective?

What is the first point of contact?

Identify Micromoments

What are the smaller goals that a potential customer might achieve along the path? What are the signals that indicate interest, motivation, and readiness to commit? These smaller actions might include whitepaper downloads, consuming certain additional content, booking a consultation, filling out additional forms, or watching a video.

Segment Lists

Identify a specific list segment that would have a common expectation or intention.

Throughout the lead nurturing process, identify new audience segments that can be integrated into the automation.

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