Business Analytics Services

Track your business successes and weaknesses

The idea of tracking data is great, but the practice of tracking and analyzing data is no trivial task. Business and data analysts employ both statistical models and visualization tools to make sure you can see not only how one platform is performing for your business but how ALL platforms combined affect your business growth.

MGH Results

See Everything in Aggregate

Not only can you compare all of your marketing channels in one view, but you can connect that data to your accounting software to approach bottom line results.

We won’t just drop you into a pre-architected solution and hope it meets your unique needs. We’ll take the time to get to know your business and goals, because our ultimate goal is to be your trusted analytics partner and to grow and evolve your business.

Not Just a Monitoring Tool

Dashboards need to be useful and actionable, not just pretty and exciting — though they are! Any view of your company data should be tied to business goals; everything else is noise and clutter.

Trusted by Big Business

We collect and analyze website data for Shaw Contract, a division of the largest commercial carpet manufacturer in the world. Their analytics goals are geared towards making the website more usable for their own staff and expanding their organic online reach to new customers globally. 

Tracking software we use includes Google Analytics 360, Hotjar, Crazyegg, Google Tag Manager, FullStory, Heap Analytics, and custom tool integrations.

We are flexible in our use of tracking, analytics, predictive, and visualization tools and can integrate the tools you are already using, as well as recommend and construct a custom suite of tools for those just starting their business analytics journey.

Case Studies

View a few examples of Izell Marketing Group using data analysis to achieve and exceed business marketing goals in Healthcare, Education, and E-commerce.

Discuss your data needs with us.

Got data? We got analysts. Let’s start by discussing the platforms you use right now and work toward a solution that brings cohesion to your data platforms. Ultimately, let’s uncover opportunities for business growth.