Online Dermatology Advertising

Google Ads and Meta ads (Facebook and Instagram)

Search and Social Advertising

An online dermatology company’s primary goal was to increase the number of consultations scheduled as well as building up their overall customer base. 

Izell Marketing Group managed lead generation campaigns across two primary advertising platforms: Google Ads and Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram). Within a 6 month period, Izell Marketing Group helped generate 40.3% of all leads and consultations across all source medium.



Attract users who are either in-market for dermatology or are identified as having interests that align with a typical dermatology patient, then convert those users into customers with incentives.

We measured the effectiveness of each platform and continued to optimize each platform to help achieve the business goal of increasing consultations.

Industry: Healthcare - Medical Provider

Skills: Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads


In order to achieve the client’s goals, Izell Marketing Group approached campaign management by carefully researching the potential audiences looking for online dermatology care, defining which advertising platforms would bring in the most qualified leads, and focusing advertising dollars on the platform that would help drive potential buyers at the highest rate.

Izell Marketing Group’s efforts influenced 502 consultations through Google Ads, 775 emails collected through Facebook and Instagram ads, and a total of 2,206 leads over this time period, showing growth in both total conversions and conversion rate, while holding cost per result in an acceptable range.

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