Local and Technical SEO for Residential Electrical Services

Optimization of Website for SEO

Local and Technical SEO

This company provides commercial and residential electrical services in the southeast.



A local company contacted us to help with Google Ads, and we helped them understand the value of local SEO alongside advertising on Google. Their goals were to improve visibility, increase organic traffic, and achieve better results in search engine ranking.

Industry: SEO - residential electrician

Skills: Keyword Research, Technical SEO, Local SEO, CRO


After completing an SEO audit, we implemented a new SEO strategy to improve the overall user experience. By utilizing strong on-site and off-site SEO strategies, we were then able to approach website optimization and organic traffic optimization. 

We also did keyword research, optimized on-page elements, addressed technical SEO issues, developed a content strategy, and implemented a link building campaign. We created two websites; one focused on residential and the other on commercial. This allowed us to tailor content for user intent and also track SEO optimization separately.

Our efforts led to improved local business search rankings, increased website traffic, and higher lead generation, driving overall business growth and success.

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