Local Lawn Care Digital Advertising

Local Lawn Care Digital Advertising

Google Ads Performance Max


Industry: Lawn and Garden Services

Our client is a lawn maintenance business who wanted to grow his lawn care business by attracting more customers online. The goal was to have new customers sign up for complimentary service quotes through the contact form on the website.


Skills: Google Ads, Strategy, Copywriting

We targeted potential customers in the local area who were searching for lawn care services, and we created ads relevant to keywords from our research.

We used Google Ads Performance Max and its geo-targeting features to ensure that ads were only shown to people who were located in the service area, and split up assets and copy into three different groups. We built a custom real-time dashboard based on his business goals, allowing us to make data-driven decisions throughout the campaign.


In the first seven months, our campaign achieved 202 conversions (service quote form submissions and phone calls). The click-through rate (CTR) was 1.18%, with 6,212 ad clicks.  Additionally, there were 185 clicks leading to phone calls or emails, all achieved at an average cost per click (CPC) of just $0.49.

Combination chart showing digital marketing data

real-time Dashboard

dashboard image

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