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Product Restructuring For Conversion Rate Optimization

Our client needed to simplify the website experience for users as they browsed several options for multiple products. As a unique alternative to existing products in an already niche product category, potential customers face an educational hurdle to purchase, so thoughtful improvements of their browsing experience was necessary to improve conversion rates and increase overall revenue generation.


Industry: Ecommerce - Baby & Toddler


Our client offered multiple products with multiple color and size options, and these options presented as unique products rather than variants of the same product. To further complicate the user experience, the products were relatively niche and required some consumer education to assemble the correct components based on individual needs. We needed to create a solution that would allow potential customers to easily browse all available options. plus make it easy to learn about the product and the components for successful utilization.

Skills: Website Design, CRO, Marketing Strategy, UX, Content Marketing, Analytics

In order to achieve the client’s goals, we completed a full Google Analytics audit and configuration to ensure we would have complete and reliable data to analyze.

Izell Marketing Group also conducted small-scale user experience testing. Recurrent questions about the products, use cases, and required combinations were noted.

Following a short period of data collection, we noticed the drop off points in the user’s purchase journey and identified the following opportunities for improvement:

1. Combine product options as variants

2. Streamline product options by using a bulk discount app rather than having bundled products or variants.

3. Use a product upsell app to recommend necessary product add-ons to improve customer education and ensure success in product usage.

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