Google Ads for Medical Offices

KPI Trends Month-to-Month
Through multiple optimization strategies, clicks and CTR increased over time while CPL steadily declined.
Surgical Services Landing with headline, description, image, CTA, and top benefits Page
We developed new landing pages that followed CRO best practices to improve conversion rates and lower CPL.

Results After 40 Days


Izell Marketing Group manages Google Ads for multiple medical office locations and specialty surgeries and procedures. The primary objectives: increase patients across their facilities and nurture awareness of CHI Memorial as the top option for surgical services.

Industry: Healthcare - Medical Office

Skills: Google Ads, Landing Page Creation and Optimization


After viewing Izell Marketing Group’s analytics work in an investor presentation for a local organization, CHI Memorial reached out to have Izell Marketing Group take over digital advertising for the CHI Memorial Medical Group. During this engagement, it quickly became apparent that the website did not have optimal landing pages for Google Ads campaigns. As a temporary solution, we built landing pages on Unbounce, and for a long term solution, we conducted a high-level SEO audit for their website. Our findings created strong arguments for CHI Memorial’s marketing department to get approval on moving forward with a new website—an objective they had struggled to achieve for 2+ years.

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