How We Improved Our Own Website Using CRO Practices (Part 1)


As most digital agency owners know, it’s difficult to put your own marketing first when client work is always top priority. Thankfully, we at Izell Marketing Group have been able to designate time for staying on top of our own careful marketing and website optimizations.

We had a significant insight emerge recently, and we thought we would share it. Maybe this tactic will work for you, too!

Case Studies -> Trust

I noticed that every time we got a warm lead through our website, their sessions frequently included a visit to at least one of our case studies. Logically, this makes sense because you can view our ability to produce results rather than just hearing us speak about it.

I asked our data analyst to create a dashboard view that would allow me to see what our website conversion rate is for sessions that include at least one case study pageview compared to the conversion rate for all sessions.

Hypothesis Validated via Data Segmenting

The results after five weeks of collecting data are below:

Chart showing 5.56% conversion rate for sessions with case study views vs. 2.18% conversion rate for all website sessions

As you can see, what I noticed in my one-off analysis is now proven by the data to be a great insight! Oftentimes, companies get stuck at this point. The validation is cool, but it can be difficult to know what to do with this information.

Using an Insight to Make Positive Change

From many years of experimenting and creating my own CRO practices and processes, I was able to take the insight and provide some recommendations on website changes which could improve our conversion rate even more.

The most obvious step was to add a case studies section on the homepage. Not a bad idea, but it would require a bit of scrolling to be viewed. The more impactful action turned out to be adding “Featured Case Study” as a video in our homepage hero space (the area you see first on the homepage). This was a recent change, so we are still collecting data to see how adding this element affects conversion rates. Stay tuned! We’ll provide a part 2 of this analysis after we have time to collect more data

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