Social Media

A Conversation Worth Having

Does your business need social media?

Social media post on instagramAs a business, having a social media presence is no longer optional. Your online presence helps build trust and gives your business credibility. Consumers turn to social media for a sense of accountability and transparency with the businesses and brands they follow. Studies show that today’s audiences are more in tune with the brands they follow than ever before — and they want to feel confident in and close to those brands. They want to get to know the actual human beings running your business.

Social media is a conversation — an opportunity to introduce your followers to who you are as a business (and as a person). People don’t like being spoken at — they want to be spoken with and feel engaged and included in the dialogue. This is why our social media strategy relies heavily on content that focuses on personality and approachability. This invites your social media followers to have a conversation with you versus playing a passive role in your marketing. Building an effective, engaging, trustworthy, and personable social media presence takes effort, experience, and time — and that is often time that business owners just don’t have

That’s where we come in.

The Process

  1. Finding your voice. Maybe you’ve got a killer sense of humor and want your business’s social media presence to reflect that. Or perhaps a professional — yet approachable  — tone is more your speed. Do you want to take a stand on current events and social justice issues, or remain neutral? These are all important things to discuss when establishing your brand’s voice. We work closely with you to craft the perfect tone for your social media channels.
  2. Identifying your goals. The goal of a social media content strategy is more abstract than the goals of a paid social strategy. Because social media is a way to invite your followers into your world versus a direct source of revenue, we encourage thinking outside the box to identify what social media success looks like to you. Maybe it’s a steady increase in followers or consistent engagement. Maybe it’s committing to a regular posting schedule. We take a look at your current social media channels and help identify tangible, attainable goals for your business.
  3. Deciding your level of services. Full social media services from Izell Marketing Group include:
    1. Planning, writing, and scheduling content.
    2. Sourcing/creating images. 
    3. Hashtag discovery.
    4. Audience engagement (responding to comments, questions, etc.).
    5. Monthly reports to measure performance metrics.

You can choose all of these services or just some of them — we will work with you to find out what the perfect social media plan for your business looks like.

Let's get started

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