Medical Digital Advertising

Search and Social Advertising

Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Bing Ads, Quora Ads, WebMD

Creative management of ad spend requires running campaigns across multiple platforms, a willingness to try new platforms and approaches, and redirecting spend towards the platforms with the best outcomes.

As a full-service client, this business enjoyed additional services provided by Izell Marketing, included a website build and maintenance, social media and blog content, marketing automation, landing page A/B testing, podcast creation and promotion, reviews management, and more.

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600% growth in contacts through website

Tripled phone calls through Google Ads

$15.82 CPA across all ad platforms


Izell Marketing Group managed patient awareness and appointment generation campaigns across multiple ad platforms, including Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, and WebMD. Depending on the performance of each of these platforms, we have continued to evolve the client’s digital marketing strategy to achieve the business goal of attracting more patients.

Izell Marketing Group’s efforts influenced 1094 phone calls through Google Ads, 330 leads collected through Facebook and Instagram ads, and 184 contacts through the website over this time period, showing growth in both total conversions and conversion rate, while holding cost per result in an acceptable range.

Campaign Strategy

Izell Marketing Group met with the client to strategize the right mix of campaign types and platforms to achieve the client’s acquisition and cost-per-acquisition goals. Our team of analysts and PPC experts built out a robust, real-time dashboard for the client to use to monitor performance.