Our Team

Kate Izell
Owner, Digital Strategist

Kate has been in the digital marketing business for several years, specializing in web analytics. She is currently completing a M.S. in Business Analytics at Georgia Tech.

Over the course of her career, Kate has taken it upon herself to master it all: PPC, social media, SEO, conversion optimization, building websites, email marketing, referral programs, and the list goes on.

Lauren Taber
Digital Marketing Manager

Lauren's background is in creative advertising and product development for major national and international brands. At Izell Marketing Group, she leads digital initiatives with PPC campaigns, data analysis, and email marketing.

Within her first eight months working for Izell Marketing Group, Lauren increased a client's website sign ups by 56% through PPC campaigns.

Kelly Izell
Office Manager

Kelly is our administrative aficionado. From reconciling expenses, to keeping our office clean and efficient, to editing our documents before we send them out, she keeps us looking professional. Another fun fact about Kelly is that she is a professional petsitter! Those who know her often refer to her as "The Cat Whisperer."

Deb Martin
Data Scientist

Deb has a knack for problem-solving and grew in her career from being a staff accountant to a marketing analyst to a business financial analyst to a data scientist. She is our go-to for those big data projects that require data cleaning and visualization. With Izell Marketing Group, she has completed projects in Tableau, R, and Google Data Studio.

Terini Dewberry
Digital Marketing Intern

Terini Dewberry is currently pursuing a degree in Marketing at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga. She brings a strong background in leadership and entrepreneurship to the team, and she is currently in the process of starting her own business!

Web Developer

Our web developer has so much hacker street cred that we can't even disclose his name. Here's everything we can tell you:

Location: Parents' basement
Aliases: Zerocool, CrashOverride, Anon
Hobbies: Surfing the dark web, talking about Richard Stallman, wearing fedoras

Amber Davis
Junior Dev & Digital Marketing Associate

Amber's skills in writing, theater, and web development all contribute to her being a versatile and effective member of the team. She assists in website builds and PPC account management.

Christine Hughes-Wiklund
Digital Marketing Associate

Christine assists with managing PPC accounts and contributes to our versatility across industries. Her past experience is in Healthcare and Education, two industries Izell Marketing Group specializes in servicing.