Case Study: Driving Results For An Online Dermatology Company

An Online Dermatology Company Needed to Raise Brand Awareness and Get Customers To Schedule A Consultation.

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Primary Goal:

Attract users who are either in-market for dermatology or are identified as having interests that align with a typical dermatology patient, then convert those users into customers with incentives.


  •  Primary: Consultation, Meta Email Capture
  •  Secondary: Leads, Newsletter Sign Up

The Strategy

In order to achieve the client’s goals, Izell Marketing Group approached campaign management by carefully researching the potential audiences looking for online dermatology care, defining which advertising platforms would bring in the most qualified leads, and focusing advertising dollars on the platform that would help drive potential buyers at the highest rate.

Search and Social Advertising

Izell Marketing Group managed lead generation campaigns across two primary advertising platforms: Google Ads and Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram). Within a 6 month period, Izell Marketing Group was able to generate 40.3% of all leads and consultations across all source medium.

During that same time period and with ongoing optimization, Izell Marketing also decreased the cost per consultation 85% from $824.77 to $126.46.

 While the cost per consultation decreased 85%, the account to consultation rate in Google Ads (the primary platform for driving consultations), increased over 210%. This meant the number of people who made an account or became a “lead,” were scheduling consultations at a higher rate month over month. 

To help nurture potential leads down the marketing funnel, Izell Marketing Group focused the Meta Ads strategy on lead generation campaigns that integrated directly into the clients’ email platform. Since launching in June, Izell Marketing generated 775 on-Facebook leads with an average of $3.53 per lead.
During this six month period, Izell Marketing was able to increase consultations while also lowering the cost per consultation. Go check out our case study to learn more!

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